Kamis, 19 November 2009

Shelby SSC Ultimate Aero

After seven years of painstaking development, SSC is proud to introduce the Ultimate Aero -- A car without equal. It means, America no longer takes a backseat in the world of supercars. Shelby Super Cars (SSC) has created the Ultimate Aero as direct competition to the new Bugatti Veyron. The Ultimate Aero is best known for its stability and endurance at speeds greater than 250 mph. In fact, it is estimated (in wind tunnel tests) that the supercar’s top speed is closer to 273 mph.

This car has not only the superior speed, but also has a luxury design. The Aero is designed with scissor doors, much like the Lamborghini and Ferrari sports cars. It also makes good use of carbon fiber and titanium. This keeps the overall weight of the Aero low to help with overall speed. Fast car Ultimate Aero has further modifications, including making almost all equipment optional, to further reduce weight.

Now, let’s talk about the price. The SSC Ultimate Aero sports car is a premium example of American craftsmanship. Of course, super cars such as this come with a price tag capable of making a serious dent in your bottom line. The base Aero is available from around $240,000, while the Ultimate Aero is projected to reach a price closer to $650,000. For those able to afford the ultimate in speed, no price is too high for such an exclusive and exotic machine.

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Sabtu, 31 Oktober 2009

2009 Lexus LX 570

The 2009 Lexus LX 570 is not particularly distinctive and it’s also one of the top choices for towing. In the case of this massive SUV, the advanced electronic mechanization unquestionably improves the ride comfort, safety, and capabilities. This Lexus is an amazing luxury/utility vehicle, capable of a dash to 60 mph in 6.5 sec, while the quarter mile disappears in under 15 sec at over 90 mph, and all this by a behemoth that weighs over 6000 lb.

The 2009 Lexus LX 570 engineers have calibrated the ABS to be effective on both dry pavement and off-road surfaces. Power gets to the full-time four-wheel drive system through a six-speed automatic transmission. The Lexus can also off-road with the best of them. Hill climbs, rock crawling, sand washes -- nothing slows this machine down. Such off-road ability is due to features like Crawl Control, a three-speed downhill assist that also works going uphill, and Active Height Control, which adjusts the vehicle to three inches above or just over two inches below its normal ride height.

The LX570 offers commanding view, with excellent visibility out the front and the expected limited SUV-like sight lines to the sides and rear. It runs with the best, bearing plenty of attractive, plush materials and standout features. The Lexus LX 570 has an ultra-luxurious interior: The wood, leather, and plastics are all elegant and first rate; the fit and finish are impeccable, also the seats don't fold flat; they fold up and hang in the air.

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Senin, 19 Oktober 2009

Bugatti Veyron 16.4

If you’re sports car enthusiasts, you should consider this car. Bugatti Veyron 16.4 joined the league of supercars with a series of superlative modifiers such as the ´fastest, most powerful and most expensive´ street-legal production cars in the world at their time. The ever powerful Veyron engine is capable of yielding 1020 to 1040 metric HP, and so the Veyron 16.4 supercar is now better known as the ´1001 horsepower´ car.

This is a brief history about the car. The famous sports car manufacturer, Bugatti Automobiles SAS, a subsidiary of Volkswagen AG, owns the prestigious title for manufacturing the super performer of the world. The name ´Veyron´ is attributed to the French racing driver Pierre Veyron who won the title ´24 hours of Le Mans´ in 1939 for Bugatti. Bugatti tries the track in the modern era with a well-advanced version of their technology applied in the Veyron 16.4.

Almost everyone agrees that Bugatti Veyron is an exclusive sports car for the 21st century. It exemplifies the perfect blending of design with technological concept. Offering a high performance with serious measures to ensure safety was the major concern at Bugatti while yielding a maximum performance speed of 252.3 mph (406 km/h) to this modern racing car. Thanks to the single-piece carbon-fiber monocoque technology that absolutely suited the Bugatti Veyron supercar and scored the maximum points at various crash tests.

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Jumat, 02 Oktober 2009

The Ascari A10

The Ascari A10 is the third road car produced by the company, with the name A10 intended to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the company. The Ascari A10 sports car, developed by British manufacturers and similar to the Spanish GT version, is rated in the top ten super cars for 2006. Its lightweight carbon fiber body of less than 3,000 pounds is designed more for the racetrack than the road.

Like its KZ1 predecessor, the 1280 kg A10 will be rare, with just 50 to be hand-built at Banbury. Although expensive, it promises incredible speed and power. The power of the Ascari A10 comes from the modified BMW 5.0 liter V-8 engine, with the standard six-speed sequential transaxle, where the gearshifts operate as paddles, similar to other race cars. It has the same steel sub-frame for the power train and rear suspension as the KZ1 sports car, but the height of the coil spring units can be adjusted hydraulically on front and rear.

Despite is race breeding, the Ascari A10 is intended to be a 'useable' car or on the road. The exterior design of this luxury race car is more dramatic than its predecessor the KZ1, with wider headlamps, a different grille, and higher wheel arches to accommodate larger rear tires. In addition, it features a splitter in the front, fixed rear wing, and five detachable body panels for added race trace utility. The A10 is certainly a rare and distinctive car, one that is much desired to own.

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Selasa, 15 September 2009

Lamborghini Sports Cars

Many models with added luxury and amenities are rolling into car showrooms nowadays. The first real product of record for Lamborghini was what was marketed as Miura T 400 model automobile. Its first year of manufacture was the 1966 model year. The basic layout and design of the Miura T 400 was a mid-engined coupe with a slightly larger version of the overhead cam engine - the classic V-12 laid out transversely behind the two seats of the car.

Sports car sales are in a slump sometimes, but that's not stopping manufacturers from releasing hot new models. The next model in the Lamborghini stable was introduced approximately two years later. The entire life of the production run of the popular Miura model was nine years - with two cars being produced a week ( a production figure of only 100 or so cars a year). The name of this vehicle was the Espada.

New models are always expected to be better than the previous generation. For the new Lamborghini model, the Espada, Lamborghini went back to a more standard front engine layout. Perhaps this was in response to concerns over noise levels in the cockpit of the Miura and the need to produce a more "standard" or "civilized "vehicle product. But in the end it can be said that the Lamborghini automotive and automotive styling and performance legends are more than unique and reek of power, thrust and acceleration.

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Minggu, 16 Agustus 2009

LeBlanc Mirebeau

It is very expensive if we spent $ 748 just to buy a car, rather than use it for something more productive. but if we have a chance we would set aside part of our money to buy a supercar with high performance. This car is also designed to feature at the 24 hours Le Mans race, but this car can be driven on normal roads as well.

LeBlanc Mirebeau, the future car is a new product from a small company in switzerland. This car is designed for racing with a unique model and a luxurious interior. With the unique model, this car became the center of attention from many parties and called as the future cars. This model is designed to accommodate the aerodynamic cycle that is useful to increase the performance speed of the car.

The engine of this car is 4.7 L Koenigsegg V8. LeBlanc Mirebeau and has a speed of 230 mph and capable of producing 700 bhp of out power. With its feature, this car capable to eliminate some of its compatitors that also have a big name in the automotive world like Roll Royce, Mercedez Benz and Porsche that previously dominated the line of expensive cars.

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Minggu, 02 Agustus 2009

Zonda C12 S

Comfort is one of many considerations when they want to buy a car. The interior such as multiloading CD charger, satellite navigator, stereo and air conditioner, Zonda C12 S can be one option if your priority is comfort. The car that produced by Pagini is not only has a silent engine, but also has a luminous dome roof and the exelent soundproofing.
Zonda is a car that’s very placid and comfortable when we drive in normal conditions, but it can also be a “beast” when we used it as a racing car with 186 mph of speeds. Zonda has high aerodinamics efficiency of the bodywork which offer an overall negative lift equal to 1102 lb, rigid chassis and exellent chasis. So thats make zonda is safer than another cars.

This car has a dynamic characteristics, which can be exploited in every condition. The front sub-frame of this car has a high impact absorbing capacity, so it can ensuring an exellent degree of protection. And the rear sub-frame is designed to support the load of sophisticated alumunium suspensions. In addition, this car is equipped with Traction Control, Brembo Breaking, adjustable suspensions with Ohlins shock absorbers and specially tires designed by Michelin Pilot Sport.

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Selasa, 21 Juli 2009

Ford F-Series and E-Series Reviews – What is New for 2009

Ford has always been a forerunner in the market of full-size trucks and vans.In terms of strength and durability in heavy-duty vehicles,Ford outraces its competitors.Ford E-Series vans,formerly known as Econoline,already have that strength and capacity that can only come with the Built Ford Tough engineering technology. Now channelizing many structural and internal design features of Ford F-series trucks in to the 2009 Ford E-Series cargo vans Ford reinforces its commitment to durability and reliability.

Ford E-Series Reviews

The 2009 Ford E-150 vans are available in two trims Cargo Vans and Wagon Passenger Van both using 4.6L 225Hp engines in their standard editions.Recent Ford E-150 reviews show that Ford E-series occupies about 80% of the cargo van markets in the US.For the 2009 model year,Ford E-150,E-250 and E-350 Super Duty wagons receive sophisticated dashboard with inbuilt electronics navigation system in addition to minor facelift.Another newly added but unconventional feature is the rear back-up camera,which is widely used in smaller cars only.

Ford redefines full-size van designing by incorporating some unique technical features in 2009 E-150.Van users can have a sigh of relief,as for the first time in the history of automobile a full-size van is capable of using E-85.To give a relief to van users Ford makes this feature available in 2009 E-150 with both 4.6L and 5.4L engine options.

Additional safety features in new Ford E-Series include 4-wheel disc anti-lock brakes,traction control,electronic stability control and dual-front airbags.Starting with a basic 8,520-pound towing capacity E-series vans can tow up to 14,500 pounds. Ford's latest 2010 Harley-Davidson F-150 offers luxurious experience in truck driving with its Platinum Edition.For more on Ford passenger and cargo vans go through Ford E-Series reviews.

Ford F-Series Reviews

Designed in the line of Ford's heavy-duty trucks Ford F-Series has ushered into its 12th generation in 2009.While the exterior gets minor makeover,the internal components are vastly improved in new generation trucks.Outside,the frame is much lighter yet more robust increasing durability and safety.Lighter chassis allows better speed up,improved payload and fuel economy.

These E85 capable trucks come in seven trim levels with additional choices of cab and bed styles to meet the need of widest range of customers.Ford F-150 SuperCrew offers more room for passenger as well as cargo.Its flexible seating arrangement can be adjusted according to the need.The 2009 Ford F-150 reviews shed light on newly added features of F-150.

Aiming to retain its monopoly in the heavy-duty market Ford has come up with wide range of cargo haulers.Those who handle heavier loads can opt for 2009 F-250 Super Duty or its higher versions such as F-350 and F-450.Ford's innovative design and technologies ensure easy handling of these 1-ton trucks.You can choose from standard cab,super cab and crew cab.Engine options include 300Hp 5.8L V8, 362Hp 6.2L V10 and a turbo charged DI.

New improved suspension,a tow command system integrating the trailer's brakes with the truck's own braking system,a drop down tailgate, folding mirrors and an exclusive ADVANCETRAC RSC electronic stability control system in Ford-F-Series Super Duty trucks guarantee easier driving and more comfortable and safer ride.

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Selasa, 07 Juli 2009

Macarthur Ford Campbelltown: Experience the Difference

Henry Ford, the past owner and a famous automobile industrialist, said that there are only two rules an industrialist should follow and it is to make the best quality of goods possible at the lowest cost possible, and be of service to the consumer all the time.

Henry Ford wanted to be certain his company is not only producing products made from top quality materials, but also delivering a genuine service to their consumers.

Ford Automobile
is, without a doubt, considered to be among the top companies this world has ever seen. Ford Automobile is known for its evolving variety of quality cars, trucks, SUV’s and many other products and services to the automotive consumer.

If you are in Australia, Macarthur Ford Campbelltown is the best place to reward yourself a good quality Ford vehicle. Macarthur Ford strives to be different from any other Ford dealer in a way that their level of service cannot be surpassed by any other Ford dealers. Words are not enough to justify how Macarthur Ford Campbelltown takes care of its clients whether or not their client is buying a brand new Ford car or a used Ford car.

When you step in to Macarthur Ford Campbelltown, you will notice the energy, enthusiasm, a buzz, a busy-ness; an energy borne of people wanting to help, wanting to be of service, rather than having to be there.—The energy that inspired them to become a AAA dealer of Ford vehicles in 2008.

Macarthur Ford Campbelltown not only specializes in brand new Ford cars, but also quality used Ford cars. But, why buy a used Ford? Well, aside from value for money, everyone seems to be driving a used Ford car because of its strong engine and cutting edge design that will never be seen as obsolete. So if you are dreaming to have your own Ford car but do not have enough money or is too practical to buy a brand new Ford, then the solution is getting yourself a high power, quality pre-owned Ford car.

Buying a used Ford from Macarthur Ford Campbelltown’s is safe because every information related to their used Ford will be given or supplied to you. So even if you forgot to inquire about the registration license, certificates, permit licenses, as well as the maintenance record of the car you are looking forward to drive, it is okay because it will automatically be given to you by Macarthur Ford Campbelltown even without you asking. Macarthur Ford Campbelltown believes in a service anchored in honesty, that’s why their customers keep on coming back from time to time.

Aside from used Ford vehicles, Macarthur Ford Campbelltown also offers the latest Ford vehicles in Australia that will suit your needs at the right price. All you have to do is pay them a visit in person and experience their dealership’s service and excellent selection of vehicles. They offer their customers a modern dealership with a very comfortable environment and no sales pressure.

Macarthur Ford Campbelltown does not believe in pressuring their customers. For them, every decision you make is important and therefore it need not be hurried.

You will be impressed with the no pressure and relaxed environment of Macarthur Ford Campbelltown. I remember how they treat me like I am their only customer and never pressured me to buy from them right away. They made me feel that they are genuine in claiming that they are a business anchored in servitude and honesty.

For those who want to have the best of both worlds when it comes to Ford Dealership, go to Macarthur Ford Campbelltown. They not only provide their clients quality Ford cars but also an outstanding service that cannot be matched by other car dealerships which only aim is to profit.

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Rabu, 17 Juni 2009

Ford – All Car History Volume 6

Ford is the world's third largest carmaker when measured by vehicle sales. Other than Ford's own-branded businesses, the company owns one other major brand - Volvo, though it also owns one-third interest in Mazda and a small holding share in the former subsidiary Aston Martin.

Its former UK subsidiaries (Land Rover and Jaguar) were bought by Tata Motors of India in March 2008. In 2007, Ford became the third-ranked car-maker in US sales (being beaten by General Motors and Toyota). It was Ford’s first decline from second position in 56 years.


Ford was launched in 1903. Henry Ford, the company's founder, revolutionized mass production by introducing methods for manufacturing cars on a large-scale using highly engineered manufacturing along travelling assembly lines.

In 1908, Ford introduced the legendary Model T and by 1920 production was over one million cars a year. In the 1950s, Ford introduced the legendary Thunderbird and in 1955 the disastrous Edsel. But Ford bounced back introducing its compact Ford Falcon in 1960 and the Mustang in 1964. By 1967, Ford of Europe was established, which builds some of the UK's most popular cars.

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Sabtu, 30 Mei 2009

Are Ford Car Parts Easily Available?

When it comes to cars, the Ford Motor Company has been and remains one of the most trusted names in automobile manufacturing. Automobile manufacturing history fanatics probably will remember the first Ford car every built which was the Ford Model A. The Ford Model A was not as popular as the later model called the Ford Model T. Though it would be pretty hard to find Ford Car Parts for a genuine Ford Model A or Ford Model T, there will probably be genuine suppliers of Ford Car Parts for other Ford car models.

There are two well known models of Ford Motor Company vehicles – the Ford GT and the Ford Mustang. Nowadays the Ford Mustang is still being used by the company for races where this model is used as its official race car.

To get authentic Ford Car Parts for your prized Ford motor vehicle, you may need to specify to the supplier what year your Ford motor vehicle was introduced. At one website of a Ford Car Parts supplier, parts of cars for the following years were available: 1946, 1947, 1948, 1949, 1950, 1951, 1952, 1953, 1954, 1955, 1956, 1957, 1958, 1959, 1960, 1961, 1962, 1963, 1964, 1965, 1966, 1967, 1968, 1969, 1970, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1974, 1975, 1976, 1977, 1978, 1979, 1980, 1981, 1982, 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, and now for year 2008 as well.

You might also be able to order Ford Car Parts by the model name itself. The known models for which Ford Car Parts might be available are: Ford Windstar, Ford Victoria, Ford Torino, Ford Thunderbird, Ford Tempo, Ford Taurus, Ford Super Deluxe, Ford Sunliner, Ford Starliner, Ford Sprint, Ford Skyliner, Ford Ranger, Ford Ranchero, Ford Ranch Wagon, Ford Probe, Ford Pinto, Ford Park Lane Wagon, Ford Maverick, Ford Mainline, Ford M-450, Ford M-400, Ford LTD, Ford Granada, Ford Gran Torino, Ford Galaxie, Ford Fusion, Ford Freestyle, Ford Freestar, Ford Ford 300, Ford Ford, Ford Focus, Ford Five Hundred, Ford Fiesta, Ford Festiva, Ford Falcon, Ford Fairmont, Ford Fairlane, Ford F550 Truck, Ford F450 Truck, Ford F350 Truck, Ford F250 Truck, Ford F150 Truck, Ford Explorer, Ford Expedition, Ford EXP, Ford Excursion, Ford Escort, Ford Escape, Ford Elite, Ford Econoline Van, Ford Deluxe, Ford Del Rio Wagon, Ford Customline, Ford Custom, Ford Crown Victoria, Ford Crestline, Ford Courier, Ford Country, Ford Contour, Ford Club Wagon, Ford Club, Ford Bronco, Ford Aspire, and the Ford Aerostar.

Some commonly purchased Ford Car Parts include: the Alternator, Carpet, Coolant Tank, Door Handle and Door, Engine Parts, Exhaust Manifold, Fender Flare, Floor Mat, Grille, AC Compressor, A/C Condenser, Bumper, Catalytic Converters, Electrical Parts, Exhaust, Fender Flare, Fenders, Fuel Tank, and Ford Header Panel. Of special interest among Ford Car Parts are the Headlight, Fog Light, Corner Light, Clear Corner, Backup Light, and Altezza Lights. There are also the Signal Lights, Tail Light, Side Marker Light, Sealed Beam, Projector Headlight, and Parking Light.

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Sabtu, 16 Mei 2009

Ford Company History Canada- Then and Now

Ford dealer Mississauga has been delivering classic cars that stand apart from the crowd. Ford dealer has been in news since time immemorial and has been delivering quality services and assured guarantee and quick after sale service. Ford dealer Hamilton and ford dealer Mississauga has been building relationships that last a lifetime and have been winning over patrons through excellent ford service. The ford dealership company is an excellent example of a careful knot with the customers through high assurance and support. Ford dealership has also expanded over to used cars.

The ford dealership staff has been very supportive and friendly right from the senior level management to the shop floor level. Thus the ford service has helped the customers to build better relationships based on mutual trust. The staff is always available when a customer needs assistance of any kind in the sale or purchase of a car or a truck. Ford trucks Mississauga and ford trucks Oakville have been excellent vehicles. This is a response that the company has got from most of its takers. Ford trucks Oakville and ford trucks Mississauga are an instant hit in the market feels the manager of ford dealer Hamilton and subsidiary ford dealer Mississauga.

Ford service cell and ford parts are easily available with the high quality assurance given to the customers and the guarantee and the after sale service. Ford service and the ford parts are very much evident from the history and values of the ford motor company. The ford company history Canada has been an inspiring one. The ford dealership Hamilton decided to commit to excellence and complete customer satisfaction. This has been an impressive measure that was taken by the ford dealership. This is quite evident from the fact that they have the highest number of sales in the Canada, Hamilton region. Ford company history Canada speaks it all. Ford company history Canada has been a testimony to its values and volumes and this has been reflected in ford service model.

If ford trucks Mississauga or ford trucks Oakville are needed the staff comes forward to present before you all the available models and ranges in the ford trucks Mississauga segment. Ford dealer Hamilton has been a great venue for repairs, ford parts, ford service, used cars and many more related ford services. Used cars and ford parts have been an instant hit with the tight income customers and for maintenance services. Used cars that are an integral part of the day-to-day functions and services of the ford dealer Hamilton are gaining limelight with new takers from across the region stepping in to capitalize on some quick and once-in-a-lifetime deals. Moreover the management of the ford dealership Hamilton ensures that the used cars, ford trucks Mississauga and ford trucks Oakville are properly serviced and checked before being put up for resale.

Ford trucks Oakville and ford trucks Mississauga were amongst the dream visions in the ford company history Canada. However, the impossible was made possible and it has been a rag to riches story ever since.

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Kamis, 07 Mei 2009

Deteksi Penjiplak Artikel

Setelah kemarin saya telah membahas tentang cara mempercepat koneksi Internet, kali ini saya akan membahas cara untuk mengetahui siapa saja yang menjiplak artikel anda. Ya walaupun tidak dapat mendeteksi semua blog, tapi cukup lah untuk sebuah layanan yang gratis. Tapi anda juga bisa mendapatkan fasilitas lebih, yaitu dengan mendaftar sebagai Premium Account di situs tersebut (dengan membayar pastinya). Untuk mendeteksinya, anda dapat menggunakan layanan yang telah disediakan oleh Copyscape.

Untuk menggunakan layanan ini caranya cukup mudah. Anda cukup memasukkan URL dari postingan yang menurut anda sering di copy paste orang tanpa perlu mendaftar terlebih dahulu ke situs tersebut. Kemudian jika memang ada yang terdeteksi, maka akan ditampilkan blog atau situs yang terdeteksi melakukan perbuatan tidak terpuji tersebut. Dan untuk mengetahui lebih jauh, anda cukup mengklik pada salah satu atau semua blog atau situs yang terdeteksi.

Selain itu anda juga dapat memasang banner untuk mencegah agar orang lain tidak sembarangan meng-copy paste artikel yang telah anda buat dengan susah payah. Banner tersebut juga dapat anda download di situs tersebut. Berikut contoh bannernya.

Page copy protected against web site content infringement by Copyscape

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Sabtu, 02 Mei 2009

Register your site in search engine

Registration website to search engines is a step to your website indexed in major search engine databases so that the world can be displayed in search results through search engines (search engines). That way your site will easily find people. In doing registration or listing, there are several major search engines you need to register include:

Google http://www.google.com/addurl
Yahoo http://search.yahoo.com/info/submit.html
MSN http://beta.search.msn.com/docs/submit.aspx
Dmoz http://www.dmoz.org/add.html

You can register your business website on the web directory or business web directory to increase your business. As a service to submit websites / "URL Submission" as:

In addition you can register your site to web directory Indonesia: http://www.indocenter.com/reg.php
The aim is that your business website appear on search engines every type of search keywords that match your business type.

It is very important that you do to get a high position on search engines is:

Making Title, metatags, and Description that match your business type and contains keywords.
Creating content-rich website keywords according to your type of business
Making Back Link as many of the other business website of the same type or business websites that provide complementary products for your business.

Currently Google as default search engine is still the most crowded directory, plus Yahoo! And altavista. But there are interesting things. AOL, Altavista, Netscape, and Lycos, when combined mengusai 40.5% of search engine users around the world. These four search engines use the database from the Open Directory Project (ODP). So be very profitable if your website is listed in ODP (www.dmoz.org). Dmoz is a directory of famous now. Other directories should also be noted is Looksmart. Looksmart database is used as the main result on MSN, Altavista, Excite, and iWon. But you have to spend money of $ U.S. 149 to be listed on Looksmart Network.

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Rabu, 11 Februari 2009

Search Engine Optimization Using Computer Technology

Search engine optimization (SEO) does not have to be complicated but it does require intelligent work if you plan on having your Website in the top 10 on the major search engines. Many Webmasters want their Websites on the first page of Google, MSN and Yahoo when their keyword is put in the search. Unfortunately they believe one of two things. The first being that it is too difficult for them to do it themselves and the second is that there is a secret trick that will have to perform in order to get high rankings. Both of these statements are false.

Some Webmasters will pay thousands of dollars to a so-called professional SEO expert to have their Websites on top in the rankings. The truth is that you can get top Search Engine Rankings spending a little bit of money and doing the work yourself with a little help from a SEO instructor or paying a professional SEO company thousands of dollars to get your Website on the first page. Both will work the choice is yours.

There are many myths about SEO but I want to tell you the plain truth. The do-it-yourself person can accomplish just as much as the professional. You must be willing to do the important tasks of Website Optimization if you want to succeed. There is much information on the Internet on SEO. Some will tell you that the secret to high rankings is creating and submitting many RSS Feeds. Others will tell you that you need quality one-way links. Is there just one way of gaining first page on Google?

What is required of Webmasters in order to achieve Top Website Rankings? Some believe that if they perform 3 major tasks of Website Optimization that their Website will soar to the top. I believe that you cannot just do a few works of optimization or come up with a secret trick to achieve a high site ranking on the search engine.

Complete Website Optimization is your best guarantee to having a high ranking on the major search engines. What is complete optimization? Using all of the information and tools to get your site noticed on the search engines with a high ranking for your keywords. If you really want a top ranking and only want to spend a little bit of money I will tell you the many things you will need to do in order to be on the first page on the major search engines.

Having complete Website Optimization will require SEO Computer Technology Website Analysis Software to optimize your Website to get the Highest Rankings. The software will perform many working tasks, tools and provide much researched information. I’m going to give you the technical tasks that you will need to perform in order to accomplish high rankings. With the help of an online SEOexpert instructor you will be able to achieve top Website rankings much quicker then by your self. You will want one that charges a fair price and still performs quality work.

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Selasa, 03 Februari 2009

Aku Untuk Negeriku

230 juta orang tinggal dalam sebuah negara yang berukuran 1.904.569 km²?? saya rasa dengan ukuran sekian cukup untuk tempat tinggal 230 juta orang. Tapi mengapa negara berukuran 1.904.569 km² ini memiliki ibu kota yang tempat tinggal penduduknya dapat dikatakan cukup berantakan pada beberapa sudutnya?? saya bukan menjelek-jelekan kota Jakarta, karena saya juga lahir di kota tersebut. Tetapi saya merasa iri dengan kota-kota lain yang menurut saya cukup rapi dibanding dengan Jakarta, apalagi kota ini sudah menyandang gelar "Ibu Kota". Bukankah ibu kota itu merupakan cerminan dari negaranya??

Beberapa hari lalu saya sempat kaget ketika membaca polling yang ada di detik. Disana terdapat polling seperti ini "Apakah perlu ibu kota dipindahkan dari Jakarta?". Dan tahukah anda berapa orang yang menyatakan setuju dengan hal tersebut? ada lebih dari 98% yang menyatakan setuju untuk memindahkan ibu kota kita dari kota jakarta.

Hal ini mencerminkan bahwa kebanyakan orang Indonesia ini sudah tidak mencintai lagi negaranya. Mengapa harus ibu kota yang dipindahkan?? bukankah seharusnya kota Jakarta dibenahi agar dapat kembali menjadi kota yang indah??. Dan nanti ketika ibu kota dipindahkan, saya rasa akan banyak orang yang akan pindah ke kota tersebut, kemudian kota tersebut akan menjadi berantakan dan ibu kota akan dipindahkan lagi dari kota tersebut. Dan akankah hal tersebut akan terus berlanjut sampai semua kota di negara kita ini berantakan?. Waw, saya tidak dapat membayangkan hal ini terjadi pada negara yang saya cintai ini.

Lalu bagaimana cara membenahi kota Jakarta??

Negara kita mempunyai banyak orang-orang cerdas yang tidak dipandang oleh negara ini, padahal mereka dapat membangun negara ini. Seperti B.J Habibie yang sekarang membangun negara lain.

Kemudian biaya untuk membenahinya??

Jika 1 orang Indonesia menyumbang Rp. 1000, maka akan terkumpul Rp. Dan sepertinya tiap orang bisa menyumbang lebih dari Rp. 1000. Lihat saja ketika terjadi banjir ataupun ketika ada bencana lain, banyak sekali dana yang terkumpul untuk membantu para korban bencana. Apakah kita hanya akan menyumbang ketika terjadi bencana saja??

Sebuah negara tidak dapat dibangun hanya oleh pemerintahnya saja, tetapi juga oleh rakyatnya. Contohlah rakyat negara Palestina yang terus membangun negara mereka walaupun mereka tahu bahwa negara mereka saat ini sedang di bawah tekanan. Maka gunakanlah waktu kalian untuk hal-hal yang bermanfaat, yang nantinya akan dapat membangun negeri ini. Meskipun itu kecil, tapi akan sangat bermanfaat bagi negeri kita. Dan kita semua lah yang nantinya akan membangun negara ini. Mari kita bangun bersama Indonesia yang kita cintai ini. Aku untuk negeriku!!!

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Rabu, 07 Januari 2009

Mempercepat Koneksi Internet

"Koneksi Internetnya kok lambat banget sih???"

Mungkin itulah salah satu ungkapan dari banyak pengguna layanan Internet. Tidak peduli berapa kecepatan standar yang diberikan oleh ISP langganan anda, tapi terkadang koneksi Internet tersebut rasanya masih saja lambat. Memang banyak hal yang dapat mempengaruhinya, mulai dari web browser, koneksi LAN, settingan komputer lokal, cuaca dan yang paling utama adalah tempat kita menggunakan layanan Internet tersebut.

Ada banyak cara yang dapat anda gunakan untuk mandapatkan kecepatan koneksi Internet yang optimal, namun saya hanya akan membahas salah satunya saja. Berikut caranya :

Ubah setingan bandwith yang ditetapkan secara default oleh Windows.

Secara default, Windows mengkonsumsi 20% bandwith anda. Bandwith ini digunakan untuk berjaga-jaga dan juga untuk memeriksa komputer anda dari situsnya Microsoft. Dan anda dapat mengambil bandwith ini tanpa konfirmasi dulu ke Microsoft. Caranya adalah:

--> Klik Start->Run->Ketikkan "gpedit.msc".

--> Kemudian masuk ke Local Computer Policy->Computer Configuration->Administrative Templates->Network->QoS Packet Scheduler.

--> Double klik pada Limit Reservable Bandwith. Disana akan ditunjukkan bahwa string ini belum diatur (not configured).

--> Kemudian pilih Enable dan set Bandwith limitnya menjadi 0%.

Sebaiknya sebelum anda mencoba trik tadi ukurlah terlebih dahulu kecepatan Internet anda. Kemudian bandingkanlah dengan kecepatan setelah dilakukan trik tadi. Untuk mengukur kecepatan Internet anda dapat mengunjungi situs internetforg.

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Budget Software

Planning a budget software is a good solution in collecting data of budget planning. Software is very useful in any company, especially in the work unit, to optimalization and efficiency their work.
To calculate each component of the plans that must be removed during the project, either before, during or when maintenance is easy course. We simply calculate the minimum profit margin is we should get out of making software.

Here is an explanation of how to prepare a budget plan that proportional cost for both software developers and clients.

In general, in the implementation of making the software project we have to consider 2 things, namely:

1. Personal budget

In this section we have to take into account all the costs that must be issued to honor and pay the salaries of the team working with us. Calculate the cost of components based on an agreement with team members, whether they will be paid based on the hours, days or month. And enter all the team members work from the Manager project into the Office-boy to help smooth the work team.

Do not forget to agree on tax revenue from the members of our team. If they do not want to cut, we must enter the tax component in a budget plan costs.

2. Cost Nonpersonil

Nonpersonil cost is the cost of components that must be spent to support the smooth implementation of the project.

Cost components are:
1. Transportation costs
2. Allowance cost for the assignment outside the office
3. Routine expenses (electricity, water, etc)
4. The cost of equipment and rental
5. Cost of goods wear out
6. Cost of arranging reports

Note :
Do not ever count the accumulative VAT and Income Tax because the value is not in accordance with the burden that must be paid to the tax office.
Calculate first the PPh against percentage the net value.
Count PPh burden with the net value.
percentage VAT against PPh value + net value.

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Senin, 05 Januari 2009

Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is often referred to as a dark murderer, because it is disease that can kill a person without previous symptoms as a warning for the sufferer. Even if the symptoms are often regarded as a normal phenomenon, so people realize it too late.

According to wikipedia, blood pressure is the pressure imposed on the vessel during arterial blood circulation caused by the throbbing heart. High blood pressure refers to the degree that is always higher than normal level for a long period of time.

High blood pressure is often referred to as a dark murderer, because it is disease that can kill a person without previous symptoms as a warning for the sufferer. Even if the symptoms are often regarded as a normal phenomenon, so people realize it too late.

According to wikipedia, blood pressure is the pressure imposed on the vessel during arterial blood circulation caused by the throbbing heart. High blood pressure refers to the degree that is always higher than normal level for a long period of time.

There are many things that can cause high blood pressure is. However, most of it is not known, but suspected as stress, children, smoking, obesity, lack of physical activity / exercise, consume liquor, kidney aberration, etc.
If there are many causes, there is also a result of many high blood pressure is. Result-a result can be: heart attack, stroke, kidney failure, weak heart, and blindness.

In fact the normal blood pressure varies in each person, depending on age and day-to-day activities. If the blood pressure is normal blood pressure than the person has high blood pressure. Blood pressure is normal, namely sistolik have between 120-130 and diastolik between 70-80.

To prevent this there are several ways, including:
1. Checking blood pressure regularly
2. Reducing food berkadar high salt
3. Perform physical activity 30 minutes each day
4. Doing aerobic sport (jogging, healthy way, renangn cycling, calisthenics) for 20-60 minutes and at least 3-5 times a week
5. No smoking
6. Maintain body weight
7. Controlling stress
8. Adequate rest

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Sabtu, 03 Januari 2009

Blog Advertising

Advertising business in Indonesia is one business that is growing quite rapidly. Indeed, advertising is an effective way to market a product from a company. However, there are many ways to advertise their products. Then how did the most effective of these ways?

The definition of advertising is a form of continuous sales messages that are nonpersonal, either as sales of goods or services on a pay by the company.

Blog advertising is a way that is quite effective in the market a product. Moreover, now a lot of people that use Internet services for their computers or laptops. So that blog advertising will be seen by many people more often than if we advertise a product through the radio that this is now rarely used by most people.

There are some situations where people want to advertise their products via the blog. And most of the major advantages-surplus products in the blog. There are some advantages of this blog advertising, namely:

1. Capable of reaching a certain segment of the specialized market.

2. Able to lift the product advertised in line with the perception of many people to target prestige of the blog.
3. Is a media that has long age in advertising their product.

4. Blog advertising is easy to introduced to many people.

5. Have the benefits of a script to load the ad rather long and detailed.

6. The format is easy to develop creative, so it's easy to decoy customer.

7. Flexibility, advertisers can choose the free market which will be prioritized. Thus you can determine a suitable way to promote it.

8. Target a wider audience, this is supported with the number of internet users in the world. Both the top-class people and classes, whether men or women, are all already know the Internet.

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Antisipasi Serangan Virus

Dunia IT sekarang udah makin berkembang, Milyaran komputer sekarang udah saling terhubung baik itu secara langsung maupun tidak. Perkembangan tersebut emang bikin bangga (udah kaya iklan!!), tapi ada permasalahan lain yang muncul seiring perkembangan tersebut. Penyebaran makhluk yang bernama virus inilah yang menjadi permasalahan baru dari perkembangan dunia teknologi tersebut.

Ada banyak cara untuk mengantisipasi serangan makhluk manis ini. Berikut saya tuliskan 10 langkah, tapi masih banyak lho cara-cara yang lainnya, untuk antisipasi serangan makhluk tersebut :

1. Gunakan program antivirus yang bagus.
Sekarang ada banyak banget antivirus, dan masing-masing punya kelebihan ataupun kekurangannya. Untuk itu sebelum kita ngistall antivirus tersebut, ada baiknya mencari tahu dulu antivirus mana yang menurut kita paling baik. Kita bisa cari informasinya di internet, majalah ataupun menurut pengalaman orang-orang yang pernah menggunakan antivirus tersebut.

2. Ingatlah untuk selalu menggunakan antivirus tersebut setiap kali menggunakan komputer.
Percuma kan kalo kita udah nginstall antivirus tapi komputer/laptop kita ga diptotect secara terus menerus??. Hentikan kebiasaan menjalankan antivirus bila diperlukan saja, kalo perlu jadiin antivirus tersebut sebagai salah satu start up di komputer/laptop kita.

3. Selalu update antivirus anda.
Setiap hari selalu ada antivirus baru yang diciptakan untuk merusak sistem komputer. Dan database dari setiap antivirus juga selalu terupdate untuk mengantisipasi virus-virus baru tersebut. Jadi rutinlah untuk mengupdate database dari antivirus yang anda gunakan.

4. Pastikan sistem operasi kita selalu dalam keadaan ter-update.
Virus selalu mengincar lubang keamanan yang ada di sistem operasi kita, oleh karena itu sistem operasi selalu mengupdate versinya. Selain itu, dengan meng-update sistem operasi maka keadaan komputer kita akan selalu stabil. Update pula program-program yang terpasang di komputer anda. Karena itu juga bisa menjadi celah bagi masuknya virus.

5. Lakukan backup data secara rutin.
Hal ini untuk mencegah anda kehilangan data-data penting pada komputer/laptop anda.

6. Selalu lakukan scanning virus pada media penyimpanan yang masuk ke komputer anda.
Selalulah beranggapan bahwa komputer yang digunakan oleh banyak orang terinfeksi virus agar anda selalu waspada. Selain itu non-aktifkan juga fungsi autorun untuk media penyimpanan pada komputer/laptop anda. Hal ini memudahkan anda untuk melakukan scanning manual terlebih dahulu sebelum media penyimpanan tersebut masuk ke komputer/laptop anda.

7. Waspadalah terhadap file attachment yang ada pada email.
Sampai saat ini email merupakan media yang paling digemari untuk pengiriman virus. Selalu lakukan scanning dengan program antivirus sebelum anda membuka file attachment.

8. Gunakan email berbasis teks dalam ber-email.
Menggunakan email dengan format html memang paling disukai olah banyak orang, karena dengan format ini kita bisa membuat tampilannya jadi lebih menarik. Namun sayangnya, format ini juga disukai oleh virus untuk menyebarkan dirinya. Virus dapat menempel pada kode html yang ada pada body, sehingga anda akan terinfeksi hanya dengan membuka email tersebut. Sementara itu, pada email berbasis teks virus hanya dapat menempel pada lampiran saja.

9. Berhati-hatilah dalam menginstall program gratisan yang ada pada dunia maya.
Jika anda ingin men-download software-software gratisan, maka download lah dari situs yang terpercaya berdasarkan review banyak orang. Dan lakukanlah scanning installer program tersebut sebelum diinstall pada komputer/laptop anda.

10. Hati-hati terhadap link yang disebar melalui messenger.
Jangan pernah menerima undangan untuk berkunjung ke suatu situs dari orang yang tidak begitu anda kenal. Bisa jadi orang tersebut akan mengarahkan anda ke suatu situs yang banyak mengandung virus. Hati hati pula dalam melakukan surfing ke alamat alamat web yang tidak jelas isinya. Karena bisa jadi virus tersebut telah disisipkan pada kode html-nya

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