Selasa, 15 September 2009

Lamborghini Sports Cars

Many models with added luxury and amenities are rolling into car showrooms nowadays. The first real product of record for Lamborghini was what was marketed as Miura T 400 model automobile. Its first year of manufacture was the 1966 model year. The basic layout and design of the Miura T 400 was a mid-engined coupe with a slightly larger version of the overhead cam engine - the classic V-12 laid out transversely behind the two seats of the car.

Sports car sales are in a slump sometimes, but that's not stopping manufacturers from releasing hot new models. The next model in the Lamborghini stable was introduced approximately two years later. The entire life of the production run of the popular Miura model was nine years - with two cars being produced a week ( a production figure of only 100 or so cars a year). The name of this vehicle was the Espada.

New models are always expected to be better than the previous generation. For the new Lamborghini model, the Espada, Lamborghini went back to a more standard front engine layout. Perhaps this was in response to concerns over noise levels in the cockpit of the Miura and the need to produce a more "standard" or "civilized "vehicle product. But in the end it can be said that the Lamborghini automotive and automotive styling and performance legends are more than unique and reek of power, thrust and acceleration.

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