Minggu, 16 Agustus 2009

LeBlanc Mirebeau

It is very expensive if we spent $ 748 just to buy a car, rather than use it for something more productive. but if we have a chance we would set aside part of our money to buy a supercar with high performance. This car is also designed to feature at the 24 hours Le Mans race, but this car can be driven on normal roads as well.

LeBlanc Mirebeau, the future car is a new product from a small company in switzerland. This car is designed for racing with a unique model and a luxurious interior. With the unique model, this car became the center of attention from many parties and called as the future cars. This model is designed to accommodate the aerodynamic cycle that is useful to increase the performance speed of the car.

The engine of this car is 4.7 L Koenigsegg V8. LeBlanc Mirebeau and has a speed of 230 mph and capable of producing 700 bhp of out power. With its feature, this car capable to eliminate some of its compatitors that also have a big name in the automotive world like Roll Royce, Mercedez Benz and Porsche that previously dominated the line of expensive cars.

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