Rabu, 07 Januari 2009

Budget Software

Planning a budget software is a good solution in collecting data of budget planning. Software is very useful in any company, especially in the work unit, to optimalization and efficiency their work.
To calculate each component of the plans that must be removed during the project, either before, during or when maintenance is easy course. We simply calculate the minimum profit margin is we should get out of making software.

Here is an explanation of how to prepare a budget plan that proportional cost for both software developers and clients.

In general, in the implementation of making the software project we have to consider 2 things, namely:

1. Personal budget

In this section we have to take into account all the costs that must be issued to honor and pay the salaries of the team working with us. Calculate the cost of components based on an agreement with team members, whether they will be paid based on the hours, days or month. And enter all the team members work from the Manager project into the Office-boy to help smooth the work team.

Do not forget to agree on tax revenue from the members of our team. If they do not want to cut, we must enter the tax component in a budget plan costs.

2. Cost Nonpersonil

Nonpersonil cost is the cost of components that must be spent to support the smooth implementation of the project.

Cost components are:
1. Transportation costs
2. Allowance cost for the assignment outside the office
3. Routine expenses (electricity, water, etc)
4. The cost of equipment and rental
5. Cost of goods wear out
6. Cost of arranging reports

Note :
Do not ever count the accumulative VAT and Income Tax because the value is not in accordance with the burden that must be paid to the tax office.
Calculate first the PPh against percentage the net value.
Count PPh burden with the net value.
percentage VAT against PPh value + net value.

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