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Register your site in search engine

Registration website to search engines is a step to your website indexed in major search engine databases so that the world can be displayed in search results through search engines (search engines). That way your site will easily find people. In doing registration or listing, there are several major search engines you need to register include:


You can register your business website on the web directory or business web directory to increase your business. As a service to submit websites / "URL Submission" as:
In addition you can register your site to web directory Indonesia:
The aim is that your business website appear on search engines every type of search keywords that match your business type.

It is very important that you do to get a high position on search engines is:

Making Title, metatags, and Description that match your business type and contains keywords.
Creating content-rich website keywords according to your type of business
Making Back Link as many of the other business website of the same type or business websites that provide complementary products for your business.

Currently Google as default search engine is still the most crowded directory, plus Yahoo! And altavista. But there are interesting things. AOL, Altavista, Netscape, and Lycos, when combined mengusai 40.5% of search engine users around the world. These four search engines use the database from the Open Directory Project (ODP). So be very profitable if your website is listed in ODP ( Dmoz is a directory of famous now. Other directories should also be noted is Looksmart. Looksmart database is used as the main result on MSN, Altavista, Excite, and iWon. But you have to spend money of $ U.S. 149 to be listed on Looksmart Network.

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